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About SON Metal Fab - A Richmond Metal Fabrication Company

Family. Craftmanship. Dedication. Commitment.

With the support of his family, Butch Harrison founded Specialty's Our Name, now SON Metal Fab, as a company committed to producing exceptional craftsmanship combined with a high standard of ethics and dedication.


SON Metal Fab rose from the solid foundation of Butch’s reputation. In time, his three sons – Utley, Kevin, and Brandon Harrison followed to uphold the values that Butch had put in place for his company, employees and clients. Through the years, SON has evolved to meet the changing needs of the marketplace by adding new equipment and technology while maintaining a commitment to those principles. As a strong family business, SON Metal Fab is the metal fabrication company of choice in Richmond.

SON Metal Fabrication Company Family Photo in Ashland VA
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